Farmers Market.

Status-post Wegmans and the farmer’s market. I love to cook but I’m chronically uninspired. I’ve been using the Noom app over the past two weeks and have surprisingly actually lost weight following the plan, along with eating in my I.F. window. I think their angle is mostly psychological, and I was very skeptical starting out, but so far it seems to really be working for me! My biggest challenge is figuring out what I want to cook or eat each day; even with the recommended recipes I really struggle with this part.

Anyway, I know that I want to take on the challenge of making this spaghetti squash tonight. I’ve been looking up a ton of recipes on Pinterest and I was going to make it last night but put it off. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll report back if I remember to.

I’ve decided that I need to start going to more farmers markets (I would decide this now that it’s Fall, naturally.) It seems better than going to the grocery store constantly during the week. I just need to find more culinary inspiration so I can start buying some of the more interesting food offerings. Anyway. Wish me luck with this gigantic squash and pray I don’t destroy it!


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