The Marqués de Cáceres Verdejo 2017.

smartselect_20180825-125649_instagram3330844708970377701.jpgI’m very partial to red wine, and everyone who knows me knows it! So when I came home the other day with an armful of white wines, it raised a couple eyebrows (okay, literally just my husband and my dog, but that counts, okay?!) I blame this rare occurrence on the kind clerk at my local wine & liquor store, who directed me to his favorites of the latest staff picks (safe bet on his part, I suppose…) Anyway. I can’t sit here and say I was disappointed, as each bottle made a lasting impression, convincing me that, maybe, white wine isn’t all that bad after all. The selection that really “iced the cake” was the 2017 Marqués de Cáceres Verdejo.

My first impression, which was solely based on the label, I admit, was that this one was going to be full of citrus flavors. I was correct, as luck would have it. On the nose, a zesty bouquet full of floral notes, citrus and what I later decided must be pear or some other light but crisp fruit (I never claimed to be a somm, so chill.) The citrus and pear were confirmed on the palate, with a little taste of honey and a little bit of earthiness. This Verdejo was slightly acidic, but still very easy drinking with a quick but decisive finish.

I drank it by itself but if you feel so inclined it seems like this wine would pair well with seafood or other light fare. It ran me $12.99, so overall not bad for the price! I still have one more bottle of white wine left to try before my next wine shopping adventure, but I’m happy to have ventured outside of my comfort zone; it led to a refreshingly pleasant experience on one hot summer night!


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